Individual Speech Training

Who is it for?

Choose this option if you have a member of staff who needs individualized help to realize their potential.

What problems does it solve?

Do you have a talented individual employee who is not realising their potential? In most cases, this is simply because they do not have the skills to communicate their ideas to their team and management.

As a result, they are in danger of stalling in their career, becoming demoralized, and in the worst case, may leave the company. This is a huge loss for the individual and for the future of the company.

What are the results?

Effective speech and presentation skills will transform the career prospects of a talented employee, improve their morale and performance, and lessen the likelihood of them leaving, - all of which benefit your company’s bottom line.

Why Choose Us ?

We have extensive experience of constructing tailored programs for individuals, and we can accommodate intensive one-off courses or weekly/monthly courses – whatever is best suited to your employee.

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