Group Presentation Trainings

Who is it for?

Group Presentation Trainings are for groups of up to 16 people. It’s for people who work in and lead teams and also for managers who present reports upwards or deliver presentations outwards.

What problems does it solve?

Many companies do not achieving their full potential because their staff are not great at communicate effectively. This can lead to missed project deadlines, lost sales, and dissatisfied customers.

Many staff can feel demotivated if their skills are not developed, especially in the softer skills like presenting and public speaking, which are the real ladders to career progression.

What are the results?

Once you learn how to create presentations and present them effectively, you are more done, in less time, and produce better results. The knock-on effects are huge.

Employee morale and retention are improved, as study after study shows that people are not just motivated by money, but by career and personal development. Investing in them by training them in these skills makes them less likely to leave for other companies.

Why Choose Us?

In a globalized marketplace it has never been more important for your company to get its message across clearly and effectively. The wrong word or tone can lose a sale or cause confusion in your audience, leading directly to financial consequences.
SpeechPoint’s native English speakers make sure your message is not only well constructed, but comes across effectively in English, to maximize your results.

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